WHAT is ISCed?

What precedes ISCed?


We are a group of U.S. public school teachers, administrators, instructional designers and I.T. professionals who recognize that the state of American public education can be summed up by the tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes

Over decades, the U.S. system of education has become a cartel serving the adults, not the children. Some might argue, but the numbers speak for themselves

Who is Failing Whom? 

We adults are failing our children, not the converse. Per the tale above, the adults choose neither to see nor be accountable for this reality. That is a reality we refuse to accept. However, we are not interested in the blame game.

We are interested in solving the problem. 

We demanded a better education for our own children, so we decided to design one, for all.


Public, Private or PPP Partnerships Sought

If your organization has the human resources we need, the development budget is cut in half. Developed with a STEM 9-12 scope, the budget is reduced to 20%. We seek seed funding for development but per below, we have a solid plan for operating revenue.

Fact: Schools generate operating revenue from tuition or various forms of public funding.

Fact: ISCed will offer FREE, accredited, innovative Pre-K to 12 education for all students: World-Class Education for the World™

Problem: We cannot charge tuition and remain free. Even with our small operating budget, we do not expect any public organization to fund our operation.

Solution: ISCed will generate operating revenue from Digital Advertising, the first online school to do so.

ISCed will offer true equity in education via family-friendly ad sponsorship. Our segmentation is much wider than traditional marketing campaigns. We can keep the school free for all and do so in a non-invasive (zero digital data tracking = zero user privacy concerns) manner.

  • ISCed’s content will increase users’ screen-time from minutes daily to hours. For example, Facebook, even with a relatively low click-through rate for ads than other websites, is renown for its fiscal strength and over time, ISCed has potential to be exponentially greater.
  • Did you know that Facebook began as an educational environment and morphed, due to user behavior, into Social Media? As a result, content is truly not center to Facebook, rather, the social communication among advertisers and users is.
  • ISCed’s content would be center by design but would leverage similar social functionality and scalability to bring users together in pairs and small groups to collaborate on school projects. With such dynamic and rich content, ISCed will morph into something much greater, further widening its audience segmentation.
  • We embrace mobile; our model is based on it, then desktop, so we’re all about scalability and what comes next.
  • Students will be the engine behind ISCed, ever increasing in numbers and demographics. In fact, our model can easily and relatively quickly scale to PreK-16.
  • The ISCed user experience on the first day of school will remain the SAME through graduation. We’d do it without ads if possible but we have to keep the lights on.

Partner with us to start up an initiative that is truly disruptive, addresses multiple social issues, and empowers all students & stakeholders everywhere.

Contact us for a One-Page Executive Summary or Business Plan:



Ahead of the Curve

  • The need for Universal Education leading to Global Competitiveness
  • Far Too Few U.S. High School Graduates Academically Prepared
  • The argument for Universal Preschool
  • Shortened College – Graduates will be qualified with an ICSed Honors or Vocational Diploma
  • Precision Education: The 10 fastest-growing jobs for the next decade and Emerging Markets Outlook
  • Most families cannot afford post-secondary education, therefore good jobs


Shared Stakeholders

  • Parent Component from Correcting Homework to trained Instruction
  • Home-School – “School in a Box” Curricula
  • Staff serves as Support, Guidance and Intervention

Blended Staff

  • PLCs of the most highly-qualified New & Veteran Teachers and Career Changers will author the curricula.
  • As a result lessons will assure rigidity, relevance and deeply establish the relationships between student, teacher and subject


Personalized Education

  • Individual Pace & Entry Point (CLEP-type exams)
  • Credit for Real-World Experience & Open Coursework
  • No Grade Levels – Student Profile shows “Progress Meter” to Graduation


  • Digital, Public Domain Textbooks/Multimedia – Paperless
  • Web 2.0, Open Source Solutions/ Operating Systems
  • Open Curricula – Member of/contributor to Open Education Consortium